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We are David Krátký (LinkedIn→) and Honza Noháč (LinkedIn→), and this is our studio. We've nurtured the growth and identity of successful tech start-ups and well-established companies, worked at agencies, lured you to cinemas and international festivals. Now we're helping brands with strategies and communications.

Our surnames mean “a short-legged creature” in Czech.

krátký noháč

We are David Krátký (LinkedIn→) and Honza Noháč (LinkedIn→), and this is our studio. We’ve nurtured the growth and identity of successful tech start-ups and well-established companies, worked at agencies, lured you to cinemas and international festivals. Now we’re helping brands with strategies and communications.

Our surnames mean “a short-legged creature” in Czech.

What can we help you with?

Brand strategy

What does your brand stand for and how will it be portrayed in the world? A good strategy will help unify the team, provide support for important business decisions, enable the development of an effective marketing plan and avoid burning money on ineffective advertising. It will ensure that your brand evokes the emotions it is meant to evoke. Designing a strategy usually includes several phases such as defining the brand's purpose, vision and values, analyzing public perception of the brand and preparing the strategy itself, from target audiences to communication pillars.


Whether you have a small business, a large enterprise, a new product or a cocktail bar, we can help you get your brand name right. We'll look at your strategy, competition, positioning, and guide you through the entire process of creating a new name. We'll first do the necessary due diligence for each idea, so that you can register a trademark, domain or social media accounts.

Visual identity

Do you need a logo or other visual elements to represent your brand? Has the brand strategy made you realize that the current identity doesn't match your goals and target audiences? With one of our collaborating designers, we'll develop a new visual identity that meets all your needs and works great wherever needed. This will include a comprehensive design manual that explains how to work with the identity under different circumstances. We can also create all necessary graphic materials, be it a website or a canvas bag.

Marketing strategy

We'll select channels that can help you meet your acquisition, retention or brand awareness goals. We'll set up the communication strategy for each of them, including the KPIs.
 If you're launching a new project, we'll figure out how to reach the first 1,000 relevant customers. We can also execute the marketing strategy for you, cooperatingwith a team of experienced experts in each area, whether it's data analytics, paid marketing, or PR.

Content strategy development

We'll provide a clear and long-term concept to your social media, newsletters, blog, or a podcast. This includes prepping samples or templates, a timeline and a manual. We'll also happily produce all the content for you in the long term and make sure it always reaches the right people.

Campaigns and ideas

Need a great campaign, a marketing stunt, an online video or a TV ad? We'll put together ideas, bring them to life and evaluate their impact. We have over a decade of experience managing campaigns of all budgets, objectives and durations.

Employer branding and internal communications

We translate your values, goals and company culture into the right communication towards potential employees or existing colleagues. This can be a comprehensive strategy and communication setup, a one-off campaign or an activity that helps you come across as a project that everyone just wants to be a part of. 


Sometimes it's best to meet in person and work out the ideal solution together in a playful way. Or maybe you could just use a little bit of training and support in important decisions. We design our workshops to best suit a variety of needs and situations.  

Regular consultations

We're happy to help you apply all the insights from our previous collaboration through regular consulting. We want ideas and strategies not to collect dust, but to really help you in the long run. Wee can of course consult you even if we haven't worked together before. Even an intensive 2-hour discussion full of feedback and suggestions for improvement can be a real game changer.

Brands we've launched or helped grow, brands we've helped creatively, or brands we're currently working with:

David was part of the core team that launched Wolt, the food delivery unicorn, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In six months, he turned a purely Scandinavian player into a love brand everyone knows.

"David is a marketing hotshot with an awesome sense of humor. He’s a creative genius who knows how to build brands and make them feel relatable to the right audiences."

Brian Kajtor, Global Expansion Manager, Wolt

Honza led a seven-member marketing team at the film distribution company Aerofilms. During his 10-year tenure, he worked on campaigns for more than 150 films, including 4 Best Picture Oscar winners and the highest grossing Czech documentary film of all time. He and his team also managed the brands and communications of four cinemas and the VOD service, Aerovod.

"Honza managed the team that created and implemented all our film campaigns at Aerofilms (e.g. Parasite or Green Book), and he did a great job. He is reliable, focused, innovative and had no problem sacrificing his time and energy above and beyond the normal agenda when needed."

Ivo Andrle, CEO Aerofilms

Krátký noháč prepared a half-day workshop for Signal Festival to help team members clarify the purpose, vision and core values of the festival. The outputs from the workshop created a very solid foundation for the brand strategy.

"The brand strategy workshop with krátký noháč was not only inspiring, but also very practical. Honza and David guided us through the different aspects of the brand and helped us formulate a clearer and stronger identity for our business."

Martin Pošta, CEO Signal Festival

David helped the Czech Uber to a 340% year-on-year user growth. He also initiated the first integrated marketing campaign (online, offline, social) in the CEE region, which led to 50,000 app downloads and increased top-of-mind awareness of Uber in Prague to 99%.

"David is a rare combination of practical approach and creativity. If you're looking for a marketing pro with the soul of an artist, capable of executing complex campaigns from idea to evaluation, David is the man for the job."

Pavol Dzurjanin, Director of Global Operations, Lime. Formerly CEE Country Manager - Lead, Uber.

100ks is a project through which you can buy limited editions of art prints by contemporary artists. David and Honza helped come up with a few ideas for a marketing stunt that 100ks will draw from in the future.

"Guys, I must admit I like your thinking.."

Jakub Svoboda, CEO 100ks.cz

For the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Honza helped invent the concept of regular preview screenings in Czech cinemas with a seasonal subscription model. Together with the festival team, he is now working on the first season and is also responsible for marketing and communication of the project.

"When Honza is convinced about an idea, he doesn't let obstacles or complications discourage him. He always manages to find a way, however daring it may be. The sky is the limit. On top of that, he's nice, attentive and easy to work with."

Radka Urbancová, Head of Communications, Karlovy Vary IFF

Since spring 2022, Honza and David have been working with Trh knih, a used books online marketplace. After defining the brand's purpose and core values, a thorough analysis and the development of a brand strategy, they worked with a typographer on redesigning the brand. Specifically, this involved modifying the logo, fonts, colors and the design manual. Until August 2023 they looked after the social media content, and ran a large-scale campaign to mark the sale of one million books.

"I immediately liked the systematic and analytical approach of Honza and David. They wanted to understand our product in depth. From the beginning they thought in terms of consolidating it, improving it. They collected data independently about our users and traffic, and did not rely on the data we provided. Some of their insights have really opened our eyes. Gradually, they created our brand strategy and led our first real media campaign. We are starting to see the benefits of investing in our brand. I see the collaboration with Honza and David as key to the value of our company."

Petr Sobotka, Founder and CEO Trh knih

We look forward to working together!

Either give David a call directly at +420 602 531 890, ring Honza at +420 739 378 305, or email us at ahoj@kratkynohac.com

Either give David a call directly at
+420 602 531 890, ring Honza at
+420 739 378 305
or email us at